Friday, August 19, 2011

a transcription of something i recorded when i was very sad.

it seems like such a strange thing
but it really isn't
i've fallen through a wormhole
into potential space
it seems like a strange song
we haven't learned the words
and so we curse and curse
in hopes there's something worse
a reason to bring everything
to connections never found
a reasoning through all of things
procedure good and sound
an echoed moment in time space
brought here to the human race
to arrange a deadly deal
that they would like to steal
one of the prime jewels
from the emporors cabinet
and talking about wars
which they dare not to forget
a reason to bring all things
together now as one
we'll sit them down and talk around
the meaning of the one
and then we know when we just go
pressing into space
another cosmic leader for another human race
so when this is all said and done
and all accountants thrashed
we have a reason to go back
we have it put in trash

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